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Mr Pencil Saves Doodleburg Is A Game For Preschoolers


LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Game Trailer - Mr. Pencil ...

The Scene Opens With A News Reporter Named Dian Inkwell Telling The News

That Sevral Mysterious Twisters Have Erased The Town Called Doodleburg

Cut to The Scene A Reporter Named Chip Blaze With A Local Hero Named Fireman Fresco Whos Firehouse Has Been Severly Damaged Chip Tells Him Chip Telled Dian Buildings Are in Shamble And The Rescue Equipment Is Broken And Mothers Are Disapointed

And Things Could'nt Get Any Worse But The Wind Blows Chips Hair Away And Said Oh No Back To You Dian And Dian Inkwell Laughed And Said Yes Chip I Suppose It Could And Clears Her Throat And Breathed. And Said Well If You Heard It From DoodleBurg Animated News First Folks The Citizens Of DoodleBurg Really Need Assistence Who Out There Is Willing To Help

This Article Was Written By Kanaya Maryam From The Popular Webcomic Homestuck